Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art by Raymond Martinez

There are many artists taken part in the David Mann and Friends Art Exhibit this year. We thought we'd shine the light on some of the wonderful talent joining us on December 11th.

Growing up as a self-taught artist, Raymond ”Lurch” Martinez was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Art came as a pasttime at a very young age, using anything and everything he could to create. Having a few teachers and close friends who were artists helped him expand both his knowledge and skill along the way. “Getting focused and lost in the art is what it’s all about, the reaction and the compliments from the people you meet on the journey, that’s the big payoff!”

Focusing mainly on pencil portraiture at the moment, Ray is currently recreating faces of the past and present, both of human and animal. “The eyes are the door to one’s soul.” He pushes to capture the essence and the likeness of the model he’s drawing.

In the near future, Ray would like to work in oil, do more acrylic painting and airbrushing, and focus on the art of tattooing. A mural was recently done and is currently on display at Pacoima city hall. Ray has recently displayed and donated pieces to art shows and festivals like; Velorio, Ventura Nationals and the upcoming David Mann Chopper Fest.

Kindly follow Raymond on Instagram to see more of his creations. Be sure to visit the David Mann and Friends Art Exhibit located in the McBride Hall.

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