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Friday, January 9, 2015

Winners of the 11th David Mann Chopper Festival

Thank you to everyone that participated in our "If You Build It, They Will Come" bike show. We would also like to thank Geico Motorcycle for their kind donation and ongoing support.
Congratulations to the winners below.

Rat Bike 
1st Keith Drum HD Bonneville
2nd Fn Dirty 78' Yamaha
3rd Chad M. 02' Honda Shadow

1st AFT Customs Honda CB750
2nd Paul Ponkow 72' Honda CB750
3rd Steve Gimby 81' CB750

Koolest Paint
1st Rick Bray 2014 Spcn Shovel
2nd Andrew Ursich 59' HD XL
3rd Peggy Alexander 44' FL

Radical Design
1st Hog Killers 40' UL
2nd Slims Fab 83' Yamaha YZ490
3rd Roth/Allen V8 Trike

1st Dale Burnell 94' Trike Roadking
2nd Jim Tietz 03' HD
3rd Kevin Goe 59' FLH

Big Twin 
1st Bubba 03' HD Softail
2nd RJ Lucky Mutha 66' HD Amen Savior
3rd Paul Ponkow Knuckle trike

1st Magnuson 74' XLH HD Supercharged
2nd Mike Newhall 73' XL
3rd Bruce Fletcher 64' XLCH

1st Paul Ponkow Triumph TR6
2nd Greg Owens 59 Triumph 650
3rd J Maltzman 65' Triumph Bonneville

1st Ryan Cox 40' HD EL
2nd Phil Travis 61' HD Panhead
3rd Dan & Phil 36' HD VLD

Old Skool Skooter
1st James Goodnight 82' HD Shovel
2nd Mick Evan 57 HD FLH
3rd Jeff Leighton 47' HD Panhead

1st Don Whalen 14' Feilbach Ltd
2nd Porky 34' HD VLD
3rd Paul Wheeler 55' HD Panhead

Special Construction
1st Steve Vanderhold 08' Sycohopper
2nd Rich Jones 66' Triumph 
3rd Kevin Hogan 80' HD

Best Shovelhead
Nick Miserendino 77' FX

Best Knucklehead
Rusty Mitchell 36' EL

Best Panhead 
M. Diamond 53' FL

Best of Show
Dalton Walker 37' UL

David Mann Memorial Award
Harpoon 50' Panhead

Ross Kiwi Tomas Award
Ryan Cox 40' EL

Artistry In Iron Show Pick/Invitation 
Noise Cycles 76' Shovelhead

Pistol Magazine Show Pick
Phil Travis 61' Panhead

Biltwell Vendor Pick
Jake Wreesman HD XL

Tory DuVarney
Event Coordinator
David Mann Chopperfest

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