Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We would like to welcome the Real Deal to the Chopperfest Family!

We would like to welcome the Real Deal to the Chopperfest Family!

Real Deal is a dynamic collaborative of legit automotive and industrial women who aim to empower and educate others regarding the positive impact associated with design, speed, and grabbing life by the balls. This vision originated from Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras, two skilled ladies who are hands-on in their approach and leaders within the automotive industry carrying a strong desire to share their knowledge with the world.  Jessi, with a degree in custom automotive fabrication, has impacted millions with her build skills on TV shows such as Overhaulin' and All Girls Garage, and holds titles from "Ultra4 National Champion" to the "Fastest Woman on 4 Wheels”.  Theresa has combined her fine art education from Cal Poly and her hands on auto body shop experience to collaborate with some of the best in the industry, with her work gracing the SEMA show floors, and cover stories of top magazines. Real Deal, a lifestyle brand, encourages and supports women to get their hands dirty and truly make a difference in their community, large or small, simply through their never-give-up way of life in the automotive and industrial arts industries. They are ready to take on build projects from motorcycles and hot rods to redesigning your garage or home to motivational speaking and public outreach. Check out their website www.iamtherealdeal.com for Real Deal merchandise, instructional workshops, blog posts on Real Deal women, and to follow their journey of inspiring more women to work creatively in the shop and play hard out on the track."

Hey, ladies, time to shine up your choppers and go for a ride! Next weekend in Ventura, CA we will be hosting the first Lady's Show Class!! Be sure to swing by the Real Deal booth for industry demos, autographs, and giveaways! Kindly follow @i.am.the.real.deal and https://www.facebook.com/Real-Deal for more information.

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