Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sponsor Highlight:The Speed Merchant

We would like The Speed Merchant to the Chopperfest Family!

 The Speed Merchant is a homegrown, independent upstart company founded in a southern California garage. Just a couple of close friends starting with a few ideas that rapidly evolved into a brand. The direction was never a question. The passion of motorcycles….of all kinds, and with motivations other than making a profit. Quality, service and integrity are at the top of our list as well as keeping 100% of our manufacturing in Southern California. No matter where you are, when you use local craftsmen and business it benefits everyone. Developing these relationships creates a cooperative environment, that translates into a quality product. 
  We believe in the motorcycle community and delivering our best, at every opportunity. This is a brand that has developed organically, and continues to grow. 
 We are proud to share our sense of style and function with all, and are excited about the future!

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