Monday, October 7, 2013


From James Banuelos, co-owner of US VERSUS THEM and the creator Oil & Water Art Exhibit 

Last month I was contacted by Lisa Ballard (Chopcult) that put me in contact with the organizers of the Chopperfest in regards to doing a smaller more focused Oil & Water art show exhibit as part of their event. Chopperfest is a tribute to one of the most recognized biker culture artist. As a kid I remember always being stoked on the centerfold layouts in Easy Rider magazines, getting a peek at some biker boobs was always a treat! Big Dave one of Mr.Mann’s close friends and I discussed how times had changed and how the juxtaposition of art and other subcultures seems to be a rad fusion and that the genres had always been people of similar backgrounds and of counter culture mindsets. After many conversations with one of the show coordinators Tory DuVarney we all agreed Oil & Water would be a good fit not comprising anything on either side, a true win win situation. In addition to curating a exhibition with the show I suggested that Chopperfest consider UVT doing a collab tee for official event product. After all the terms were agreed to we set forth and are in full motion. Tee art is 100% from Dave Mann archives and I will do an additional post in weeks to come, showing layout. Within a few weeks I selected the artist I felt would be a good mixture bringing in talent from within and outside the industry. With commitments from Jason Jessee, Sonny Boy, Harpoon, Vince Felix , Risk, Headcase, Sketchy Tank, Burrito Breath, The Pizz, Axis and Derek Riggs this art show should be one no one wants to miss. I want to say that this is truly and honor and I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity, thank you Tory, Big Dave and the Mann family. Also want to thank continual sponsors and Oil & Water show supporters BILTWELL, LOWBROW CUSTOMS and CITY FOG. See everyone in December!

Be sure to check their website for artist profiles and updates.

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