Sunday, December 30, 2012

A moment of your time

The Chopper Festival is made possible by Tory DuVarney's endless dedication to the event. He works year round to make sure the event is a success and hits it out of the park every time. Well folks, it’s our turn to help him out.
On Christmas Eve morning Tory was in a surfing accident, the tip of his surfboard entered his right eye with such force that the eyeball was popped. They call this a "ruptured globe". Once we arrived at the Emergency Room and they did a CT scan we were told we would need an emergency surgery to save the eye. After a very long day we got the news that they did not need to remove the eye and it would be left in gods hands to see how it heals up and what vision could be restored. There will be more doctors appointments, specialists and future surgeries, but we believe Tory's "Vision Will Be Restored".  Tory is the founder of Handsome Devil Clothing and is therefore self employed and unfortunately uninsured, the costs we face will be great however we will stop at nothing to make sure he has the best care and the best outcome. Your monetary donation is appreciated and will be used only for medical expenses however we would like to ask you for one more thing; A prayer. We believe with our heart and soul that is even more important than money. Thank You for every dollar and every prayer.

To donate, please go to
You can wish Tory well on his facebook page,
"Vision Will Be Restored"

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