Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Songbird

Jennifer Santolucito, formally known as Jennifer Scott, has served as Master of Ceremonies for the David Mann Chopperfest in Ventura, California since 2007. She has had an active role in the Motorcycle community since 2003 when she began posing as a Pin Up with the best choppers around (Choppers Inc., West Coast Choppers, Central Coast Cycles, etc.). In 2004 Billy Lane stuck a microphone in Jennifer's hand and asked her to emcee the Blood, Sweat, and Gears Tour. This tour consisted of Billy Lane, Mondo Porras, Aaron Green, Paul Cox, and Kendall Johnson. Dedicated to our service Men and Women this was live fabrication by the best of the best. Jennifer has been hosting Motorcycle shows ever since. Her passion for Motorcycles, Music, Art, and the Lifestyle that David Mann painted is what she represents.
“ Jennifer is an amazing person that has such a caring & giving soul. She always puts a smile on your face and she is so humble about her musical talent. We are honored every year to have her at the David Mann Chopperfest, “- Tory

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