Wednesday, October 19, 2011


In 2007, After 21 years of building motorcycles and V-Twin parts at American Made Manufacturing Paul Cavallo forged Spitfire Motorcycles in the smoldering ashes of a Hellbound economy. He built a motorcycle to inaugurate his new endeavor and began a raffle. He called the raffle "Win The Rippers bike" since his name on Chop Cult is "Ripper" and he had built the bike. The raffle took on it's own life and eventually the bike became know as "The Ripper." That was over a year ago.

The Ripper will given away on the main stage right before the bike show winners are announced.. Every man knows it's a numbers game and the more tickets you purchase, the better your odds. Raffle tickets will be sold in bulk at the show and are available currently on line.There are also 100 prizes being given away in this raffle.


$20.00 = Poster + 1 Raffle Ticket

$50.00 = Poster + 3 Raffle Tickets

$100.00 = Poster + 7 Raffle Tickets and a T-Shirt

Best of luck!!!

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