Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Barnett Clutches and Cables

Barnett Performance Products

We at Barnett Tool & Engineering are proud to be entering our 62nd year in the motorcycle industry! As we begin our 62nd year, we can reflect back and see how Barnett and the entire motorcycle industry have changed since our early beginnings in 1948.

Charlie Barnett first started in his garage making parts for his riding buddies. He knew he could make better parts for motorcycles than what was being offered and spare parts weren't easy to come by, so Charlie started making his own. In 1948, he opened a shop in a small storefront in Huntington Park, CA. Cable assemblies for British bikes were the majority of the business back in the early days. The late 50's brought the introduction of Barnett clutch plates. Thankfully, Honda helped bring motorcycling more into the mainstream in the USA and this created a greater demand for quality aftermarket products. New products, new ideas, and the involvement of the next generation of the Barnett family shaped the 60's for Barnett Tool & Eng. The 70's and 80's brought growth, expansion and new and improved materials. The 90's brought more new materials, such as our Kevlar friction material in 1991, as well as improved product designs and state of the art technology and machinery.

Unfortunately, over the past two years we have seen a major collapse in the world and national economy. Just about every person and every industry has been affected. The motorcycle and powersports industry is no exception. In an effort to help our customers, we will be holding our pricing for 2010 with no increases. New products introduced this year will also be priced at the 2009 level. Speaking of new products, check out our new, Black Scorpion 3” belt drive for American V-twins, Ducati clutch covers and spring sets, and new application listings for street and off-road motorcycles and ATV’s. Also, be sure to check back for new product announcements and updates on product applications. We also have promotional items such as banners, signs, catalogs and brochures available to dealers, on request.

We at Barnett continue to be dedicated to bringing the highest quality motorcycle products to our customers while continuing to follow Charlie and Afton Barnett's company principles from many years ago. Barnett Tool & Eng. continues to be family owned and operated with three generations of the Barnett family currently involved in day to day operations and we will continue to strive to manufacture and produce only the highest quality motorcycle products. Made in the U.S.A.- since 1948.

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